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git-annex resolves the issue of org and binary file separation

December 08, 2023

If you are an avid Org Mode user and a life logger like me, chances are you have your Org files stored in a Git repository. Even if you manage to represent your life in textual data, there are often cases where you should or need to utilize a more eloquent data format. Notifications from the municipality are often in PDF format, memories of your family members are typically stored as JPEG or MKV files, and the program on which your research relies is an EXE file. It is impractical to include these binary files in your Git repository. But how do we manage them in conjunction with Org files? This is where git-annex comes to the rescue.

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TempEL, an Emacs package for managing templates

November 21, 2023

YASnippet had been my go-to package until I came across this thread. Now I'm excited about yet another Emacs template system named "TempEL". YASnippet is undoubtedly a great package for handling snippets formatted like in TextMate. The only drawback I often encounter is that the package manages each snippet in a separate file, and acquiring the snippet format can be slightly challenging. TempEL addressed this concern with the 'tempo' format, which has been around in Emacs for decades.

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